Sinus Cure

Sinus Cure - Take a handful of Ajwain(Carom Seeds) and roast it on a hot surface. Tie into a muslin cloth, rub and inhale slowly from both nostrils. Go easy as smell is very strong. This will give good sinus relief.

Jalneti is a process wherein you take one litre of warm water and add 10 grams of salt in it. Allow half litre of water to pass through each of your nostril by using a jalneti pot (lota). Perform sheersh asan after this to drain out excess water. It is important not to try this exercise on your own but should be done first under the guidance of a yoga teacher.

Eating fruits rich in Vitamin A helps in sinusitis. Fruits such a Mangoes, Papayas and Tomatoes are rich with this Vitamin.

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