Rasgulla - This famous Bengali Sweet is one of the most popular mithai which is loved by all.

Below recipe helps your to cook it yourself at your home.

Recipe Ingredients

* Milk - 1 Litre

* Suji - 2 tsp

* Lemon Juice - 2 tsp

* Sugar - 1 cup

* Rose Water - 2 tsp

* Water - 5 cups

Chenna Preparation

Take milk and bring it to boil. Then let it cool down to lukewarm. Add lemon juice to let it curdle and whey to separate. Let it remain as it for 5 minutes.

Take out all the whey using a damp muslin cloth. Tie the ends of the cloth and squeeze and twist the cloth so that whey comes out and milk solid or Chenna remain inside the cloth.

If not in a hurry hang the cloth for 2 to 3 hours so that whey drained out completely.

Your Chenna is ready.

Rosgulla Preparation

Take Chenna and add suji and make smooth dough. Make round balls from the whole of dough.

In a medium size bowl, boil water, sugar, milk (4 tbsps) and rose water on high flame. keep stirring so that sugar dissolves. Cook till a thick syrup is formed and impurities in the form of grey layer float on the surface. Remove this grey layer.

Slowly slide balls in the syrup and cook till balls become fluffy and starts floating.

Take off from the gas and put aside to cool. Serve Chilled.

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