Rajasthani Recipes

Rajasthani Recipes although little spicy are easy to cook. Start with proper usage of ingredients and cook with love and passion like a true Rajput and sure you will come out with a delicious rajasthani dish.

Traditional Rajasthani Food comprises of special rotis like Bajre Ki Roti, Missi Roti and vegetable dishes like Gatte ki Sabji, Kadhi, Daal Bati Churma etc. Non-Vegetarian cooking is also an integral part of Rajasthani dishes such as Sabut Murgh, Laal Maas, Masala Maas etc.

Papad is eaten gravied as a Sabji. Garlic is favoured in Rajasthani Cuisine. The consumption of buttermilk, yoghurt, milk forms a part of the main diet. Kheer, Kulfi and Lapsi are some of lovable Rajasthani Desserts.

Rajasthani Dal Bajre Ki Roti
Methi Paratha Missi Roti
Dal Bati Churma Ladoo
Lal Maas Rabdi Recipe
Ghevar Mangodi Pulao
Sabut Murgh Gatte Ki Sabzi
Lasan Chutney Kachri Ki Chutney
Malai Paneer Jungli Maas
Ker Sangri Papad Sabzi
Rajasthani Kadhi Bikaneri Bhujia
Kadhai Maas Lapsi
Kulfi Makhane Ki Kheer
Jowar Roti

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