Healthy Party Dip Recipes

When it comes to parties, use these party dip recipes to start the servings. Normally for a party we keep ourselves fixed to chutnies, pickles and curd dips. But making these low-cal dip recipes with sticks of raw vegetables and fruits teases the palate and is a healthier option too.

Use these Dips Recipes as Starters for your party. People are increasingly filling up on Starters instead of the main courseat parties, so healthy bites with slim-down dips are becoming the mainstay.

Lentils are becoming the main ingredient in dips. Now you even have rajma and masoor dal dips, which have a curry flavour or a sambar masala tempering that goes with roast chappati triangles.

Try these tasty Dips for your guests :


Ingredients :

* Tomatoes - 2

* Jalapeno - 1

* Garlic Cloves - 2 (chopped)

* Sugar - A Pinch

* Salt to taste

Method of Preparation :

Grill the tomatoes and Jalapeno. Cool and remove the core from the tomatoes and the stem from the Jalapeno. Blend with the garlic. Add a tiny pinch of sugar for taste.

Serve with hot kebabs or fish fingers.


Ingredients :

* Avocados - 3

* Sour Cream - 1/2 Cup (made from low-fat milk)

* Cilantro - 1/2 cup (chopped)

* Jalapeno - 1 (de-seeded and chopped)

* Juice of 1 lemon

* Salt to taste

Method of Preparation :

Peel the skins of the Avocados. Blend them. Add the sour cream, lemon juice, cilantro, Jalapeno and salt, and blend again.

Serve with vegetables or chips.


Ingredients :

* Chickpeas - 300g (boiled)

* Beetroot - 200g (boiled)

* Garlic Cloves - 2 (crushed)

* Juice of 1 lemon

* Salt to taste

Method of Preparation :

Blend beetroot, chickpeas, garlic and lemon juice. Season and blend again.

Serve with tortilla chips.

Cucumber DIP

Ingredients :

* Cucumber - 1

* Plain Yogurt - 2 Cups

* Fresh Dill - 2 tbsp

* Juice of 1/2 lemon

* Salt to taste

Method of Preparation :

Drain Yogurt and keep aside. Chill the cucumber in a fridge for a few hours. Remove and grate or dice finely. Mix all ingredients in a bowl with the curd and serve cold.


Ingredients :

* Baby Spinach - 500g (boiled)

* Low fat Cream - 150ml

* Garlic Cloves - 1 (minced)

* Nutmeg - A pinch

* Black Pepper to taste

* Salt to taste

Method of Preparation :

This is a  very popular party dip recipe. Blanch spinach in hot water and then wash under cold water. Squeeze dry. Chop it finely and add to the cream, garlic and nutmeg. Season with salt and pepper.

Chill before serving.

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