Parsi Recipes

Parsi Recipes are a good mix of Non-Vegetarian and Vegetaraian food with predominance of the former. The dishes comprises mainly of Chicken, Fish and lamb. Meat is an important part of Parsi Cuisine and is cooked with a variety of vegetables. Like all other Indian recipes, Parsi dishes are also rich, spicy and delicious.

Parsi Food in Indian is greatly influenced by Gujarati and Maharashtrian cuisine. Many Dals in Parsi Cuisine are a direct offtake from Gujarati Cooking while spices used are also found in Maharashtrian kitchens. In Parsi Festivals and functions serving of some traditional dishes are a must like Dhansak, Rava and Parsi Dal (Dhan Dar).

The recipes included here are of some the most popular Parsi dishes which can be made easily at home.

Dhansak Chicken Keema Recipe
Bafat Patia Chicken
Kervai Colmi Kabab
Sali Murgh Khara Papeta
Kopra Pak Tabuli
Akoori Badam Pak
Patrel Gosht Vindaloo
Parsi Biryani Patrani Machi
Bhakra Sali Boti
Rava Recipe Lagansala Stew
Chicken Farcha Kaleji Masala
Ambakalya Dhan Dar

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