Modak Recipe

Modak Recipe - Modak is the favourite sweet of Ganpati. It is offered as prasad during Ganesh Chaturthi. Being holy and pious occasion make this dessert at your home.

Recipe Ingredients

* Rice Flour - 1 cup

* Desi Ghee (clarified Butter) - 2 tsp

* Refined Oil - 1 tsp

* Jaggery (Gur), grated - 1 cup

* Coconut, grated - 1 cup

* Cardamom Powder - 1/2 tsp

* Salt - A Pinch

* Water - 1 cup


Take a non stick pan and add jaggery and coconut powder and cook on a slow flame till jaggery melts. Mix coconut powder and jaggery properly. Add cardamom powder and mix well. This will make your filling ready.

In a kadai(wok), boil water. Add oil (1 tsp), very little salt and stir. Add rice flour and stir the mixture on slow flame. Mix and whisk well so that no lump formation takes place. Cover the kadai with a lid and keep aside for 5 minutes.

Now grease your plans with little oil and knead the dough when it is still warm. Make equal size balls of dough (2 inch size) using oil. Roll each of them into a round shape 4 inch in diameter.

Make various folds in rolled dough with a distance of 1 cm in between two folds. To make a fold, pinch the outer line of rolled dough a little bit ahead making a 2 cm thick fold.

Add a spoonful of the filling into the dough. Bring all the end together and press to seal. Take a steamer (you can use idli steamer also) and prepare it by adding water, oil (1 tsp) and heat it till water comes to a boil. When the water is simmering, place the Modaks on a greased simmer plate and steam it for 7 minutes.

Take them out once they turn translucent. Garnish with desi ghee and serve hot.

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