Lapsi, or sweet Rajasthani porridge is part of traditional rajasthani food. Serve for Lunch or dinner along with the main course as it is tasty and has high nutritional value.

Make yourself this Rajasthani Sweet.

Recipe Ingredients

* Dalia (Broken Wheat) - 1 cup

* Desi Ghee - 1/2 cup

* Sugar - 1/2 cup

* Almonds (cut to pieces)- 6

* Water - 3 cups

* Cardamom (choti elaichi crushed) - 3

* Raisins - 10

* Dry Coconut - 1 tbsp


Take a Kadai and heat desi ghee in it. Add dalia and stir fry till it turns brown.

Then add coconut powder, almonds and water to dalia and bring it to boil. Cook this on medium flame till wheat becomes tender. Add more water if required.

Once wheat is tender and water has evaporated add sugar and raisins and cook till sugar dissolves completely. Keep stirring till ghee starts oozing out from the sides.

Remove from the flame and garnish with almonds, cardamom and pistas.

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