Lal Maas

Lal Maas - Rajasthani Lamb Curry made by marinating lamb pieces with red chiili powder and other spices to give it a red tinge and hot flavor.

Recipe Ingredients

* Lamb (cut into pieces) - 1kg
* Cooking Oil - 350ml
* Onions (sliced) - 3
* Yogurt - 250g
* Turmeric Powder - 1 tsp
* Red Chilli Powder - 6 tsp
* Coriander Powder - 3 tsp
* Garlic Paste - 2 tbsp
* Green Coriander (chopped) - 1 tbsp
* Salt to taste
* Water (lukewarm) - 2 cups


Take a bowl and mix all the ingredients (except garlic paste) and marinate the lamb pieces for one hour.

In a kadai(wok) heat oil, once it is hot add lamb pieces and cook for 45 minutes on a slow fire till the pieces become tender.

Add the garlic paste and cook till the oil separates.

Add the water and bring to a boil. Garnish with green coriander and serve with hot tandoori or bajra rotis.

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