Kitchen Spices

Indian Food is incomplete without kitchen spices. These traditional Spices have more potential than merely adding flavour to your Baingan Bharta or Dal Fry. They come with numerous health benefits and medicinal properties that can cure infections, quickly heal bruises and strengthen your immunity.

Always use fresh spices to not only add taste and flavour to your food but also to provide full health benefits. Substitute your regular creams and daily common medicines with these spices and you will love their healing properties. Researchers have found that these spices have more anti-oxidants and germ fighting compounds than many fruits and vegetables.

But as the golden rule says, you need to use the spices in moderation as using them in excess may just work adversely and harm you.

Take a deeper glimpse into their benefits:

Cinnamon Sesame Seeds
Cardamom Turmeric
Cloves Mustard Seeds
Ginger Bay Leaf
Pepper Cumin Seeds
Chillis Garlic
Mint Herb

You can retard the normal aging process of the body by making your daily food with these Anti-Aging Spices.

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