Kerala Recipes

Kerala Recipes - Malayalees have their own unique delicacies. This section has complete range of recipes whether you are looking for vegetarian, meat, seafood or traditional snacks dishes. Kerala Cooking is mostly done in coconut oil which is found in abundance in this beautiful state.

Breakfast is simple and light with Idli, Dosa, Puttu, Palappam etc. The main courses includes Rice, fish or any other chicken dish like chicken fry. Payasam forms main dessert and is frequently served to the guests also.

Onam, is the main festival of Kerala and is celebrated by everybody with lots of happiness and enthusiasm. Meen Curry, Avial, Olan are some of tasty Kerala dishes made cheerfully during this festival. Surprise your near and dear ones by making yourself these easy and popular Kerala dishes.

Meen Molee Kozhi Curry
Kerala Biryani Uppumavu
Recipe Pachadi Kerala Chicken Fry
Kerala Prawn Kerala Fry
Kallappam Kerala Mutton Curry
Kerala Porotta Kerala Fish Curry
Meen Peera Vattayappam
Pal Payasam Thoran
Idiyappam Avial
Ela Ada Parippu Curry
Erissery Palappam
Achappam Moru curry
Ulli Theeyal Olan Recipe
Ari Pathiri Meen Curry

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