Indian Vegetarian Recipes

In this section of Indian Vegetarian Recipes we have collected typical Indian Style Recipes which are used very regularly in Indian Vegetarian Cooking. These are Baingan Bharta, Dum Aloo, Palak Paneer, Cauliflower Fry etc.

Vegetarian Indian Food has wide variety ranging from Curry Recipes, Dal or Lentils Recipes, Paneer Recipes etc. All of these recipes are made using vegetable ingredients and no non-veg item is used. Traditional Indian Vegetables like Bhindi, Gobi, Karela, Baigan, Dal etc.. have been used to make these recipes.

Recipes of Vegetable Curry, Dal Fry, Bharwan Karela looks difficult but these simple Indian Recipes are made by our mother's since generations with a smile on their face.

Enjoy our Vegetarian Recipes :

Baingan Bharta Dum Aloo
Palak PaneerCauliflower Fry
Tarka Dal Mushroom Fry
Cheese CornPaneer Tikka Masala
Spinach PotatoStuffed Tomato
Shahi PaneerPotato Fry
Aloo Bhindi Vegetable Jalfrezi
Masoor DalMoong Dal
Urad DalDal Channa
Mutter PaneerPaneer Capsicum
Bharwan KarelaPaneer Bhurji
Cabbage SpicyKaddu Sabzi
Gajar MatarTasty Kadhi
Khatti Dal

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