Indian Egg Recipes

Indian Egg Recipes - A good collection of easy and tasty Indian egg dishes. We have included a delectable collection of egg recipes like salad, soup, snacks and meal time dishes etc.

Eggs are the cheapest available source of calcium, iron and rich quality protein. They are also rich in body building minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus and thiamine.

Everybody knows that eggs can be eaten in various forms like boiled, as omelet etc. but when mixed with vegetables and cooked in Indian style you can make some delicious egg cuisine.

Choose fresh eggs while making any recipe. Fresh eggs sink when put in water while stale ones tend to float. Also do not wash eggs as water may seep through the pores. Wipe them well. Broken or foul smelling eggs should be avoided. Most of dishes are prepared with eggs being cooked slowly.

Health Tip - Eating eggs may help lower risk of a heart attack or stroke as they help prevent blood clots

Egg Puffs Easy Egg Salad
Egg Soup Egg Pakora
Egg Kababs Scrambled Eggs
Egg Curry Egg Roll
Egg Biryani Perfect Omelette
Egg Salad Sandwich Homemade Egg Noodles
Egg Bhurji French Toast Recipe
Egg Masala Egg Paratha
Baked Eggs Cheese Omelette
Egg Custard Easy Deviled Eggs

Look for a series of ready to cook Egg Mixes like 'Egg Seasoning Mix' etc. through These are very tasty and easy to use for recipes.

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