Idiyappam - Kerala style soft rice noodles made with processed rice flour. Now a days processed rice flour are readily available in market. You can buy and keep it to make this easy kerala recipe.

Recipe Ingredients

* Processed Rice Flour - 1 cup

* Gingelly Oil - 1 tsp

* Salt to taste

* Desi Ghee - For greasing

* Idiappam Maker - 1


Boil 2 cups of water. Add salt and oil. Slowly mix processed rice flour in the boiling water, constantly stirring so that lumps are not formed. After 2 minutes put off the flame.

When it is cooled, knead the dough to make it soft (if required warm water can be sprinkled). Roll into cylindrical balls. Grease the inside of the Idiappam press mould. Keep one ball in the mould and press it in a circular motion on an idli plate. steam cook for 5 minutes.

Transfer to a greased tray immediately. Repeat the same with the rest of the dough. Serve with sambar and coconut chutney.

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