Healthy Salad Recipes

Healthy Salad Recipes If you love serving salads to your guests and loved ones and want to surprise them with different salad recipes then keep looking here and you will find easy and healthy salad recipes.

In this collection we are going to show you how to prepare salads that range from the very basic green to the exotic ingredients rich salad varieties rich in truckloads of nutrition.

Enjoy these quick salad recipes which are not only tasty but also healthy:

Avocado Salad - Who says Avocados and Figs cann't be together? This salad made with avocados, figs and lettuce is also very good for your eye health and they are rich in "good fat" that helps lower cholesterol.

Green Salad - High nutritional green salad made with lettuce, spinach, tomatoes and cucumber. A green salad is must to shape up any weight loss effort. all the while throwing in a nutritional sixer with the palate.

Bean Salad - A wholesome, all-rounder summer salad is rich in nutritiona and taste. It is served over a bed of crisp carrots, lettuce leaves and topped off with few sprouts and silvered roasted almonds.

Coleslaw Salad - Apricot, Raisin, Carrot and Cabbage Coloslaw topped with cream. Taste of cream with shredded apricot, carrot and cabbage will open up your taste buds.

Corn Salad - Make this salad with sweet corn kernels and home grown sprouts. Natural Sprouts are a great way of improving the fiber content of your diet. After you have excess food or constipated, blood sugar and blood pressure is high, the mighty fiber comes to your rescue. Serve it with all the meals.

Best Macaroni Salad - Enjoy this salad in the evening to satisfy your food prangs. Some people sprinkle namkeens also on top of this salad just before serving.

Summer Pasta Salad - Summer time Pasta Salad to satisfy your hunger. Serve any time this easy salad.

Overnight Layered Salad - This salad can be prepared overnight and served the next day. However it looses some of its crispness because of long duration in refrigerator.

Best Egg Salad - Make this salad in lunch time or dinner and serve along with Dal, Roti and Sabji. It will lift up the entire menu.

Easy Potato Salad - If you want a filling experience then try this Potato Salad. You can bring out different tastes also by adding vegetables and fruits as per your choice.

Cold Broccoli Salad - This is a nutritious salad made with broccoli and raisins. Serve it chilled to enjoy it most.

Easy Fruit Salad - Salad made with nutritious fruits. Enjoy it most after dressing it with honey, lime juice and paprika.

Mango Salad - Easy to Make Recipe using Corn and Raw Mango.

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