Gujarati Recipes

Gujarati Recipes are mostly vegetarian and can be categorized based on the geographical regions. The southern region food comprising Surat etc. is rich with ghee and spices and has a traditional flavour. Most common dishes from this part are Undhiyo, Dal Dhokli etc.

The Kathiawad or saurashta region is rich in snacks and pickleslike Chundo. Central region food is loved by all with prominence of Dhokla and thepla. If you find gujarati cuisine to be too sweet , then sugar can be reduced to bring the food to your taste. Khichdi, is another Gujarati Food which is now widely accepted in all regions of India.

A visit to Surat, Ahmedabad is incomplete without eating famous Gujarati Thali. The meal starts with Chaach, followed by a thali with various types of farsaans, sweets, pickles, chutney, rice, vegetables etc. Gujarati dishes are very simple and can be easily prepared using little oil and spices

Khandvi Gujarati Sev
Patra Khaman Dhokla
Methi Thepla Methi Dhebra
Sambhariya Kaddu Kobi na Muthiya
Methi Muthiya Sambhariya Bhindi
Baingan Aloo Surti Dal
Vatana Usal Gujarati Dal
Gujarati Kadhi Gujarati Khichu
Fada Ni Khichdi Chundo
Matho Recipe Dal Dhokli
Undhiyo Vangi Batata
Chakli Recipe Tomato Kasundi
Bhakri Beans Nu Shaak
Sukavni Handvo
Chaach Kobi Nu Shaak
Panna Recipe Shak Vala Bhat

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