Fresh Vegetable Juice Recipes

Fresh Vegetable Juice Recipes

Whether it's Hot Summer Time or Chilly Winter weather, the fresh fruit juices are ideal choice to adequately hydrate your body and to remove toxic substances.

All of the health nutritionist suggests that if you regularly take fresh juices then you feel energetic and keeps you healthy.

In hot weathers the temptation is to go for aerated drinks. However we suggest to try some of these healthy juices which not only refreshes you but will provide good nourishment also.

Most of these Juices can be made easily at home with fresh locally available fruits.

Watermelon Sorbet - Two good and easy Watermelon Juice recipes to refresh and recharge your body.

Kiwi Lime Tequila - Unique Sweet and Sour Juice made with tequila to give an exotic taste.

Sweet Lassi - No other drink is as refreshing and invigorating as Indian Lassi. You can combine fruits like mango, banana etc. also to bring out various flavours.

Hard Ice Tea - Coping with hot conditions is easy when Ice Tea is available to quench your thirst.

Smoothie Drinks - Fresh Juicy Smoothie Recipes made with Grapes, Oranges, Pineapple and Mangoes. Enjoy these drinks on a hot sunny day.

Ginger Ale Punch - Fresh Ginger Ale made with Apple and Ginger Juice. Serve it chilled to enjoy the most.

Easy Strawberry Smoothie - Most of us don't know how to use strawberries other than making Jams, Chutneys or eating them as it is. Well there is one more addition to it. You cam make easy Smoothies with Strawberries also.

Orange Juice Punch - Orange Juice Smoothie made with unsweetened orange and cucumber juice.

Chocolate Milk Shake - Creamy and thick Milk Shake made with Chocolate and milk powder.

Ginger Wine Recipe - A tasty and tangy drink made with ginger. Serve chilled during summers for a refreshing effect.

Delicious Comfort Food Recipes for all cooks - Hundreds of soothing, home cooked, comfort food recipes made with common foods & easy to find ingredients. Included are many recipes that have been passed down for generations and are only found here!

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Give your Health a Flavor with our Smoothies Recipes:

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Rhubarb Juice – Recipe instructions for how to make juice from rhubarb at Rhubarb

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