A common ingredient in toothpaste, mouthwashes and chewing gum, cinnamon(dal chini) works best to strengthen and clean your teeth with its anti bacterial qualities. It can also be used as a quick pain reliever due to presence of health boosting compounds like eugenol.

Whether you sprinkle it on hot drinks or mix into your favourite muffins, you’re giving yourself a gift of good health with this seasoning. This spice packs an antioxidant wallop. It tasted near the top when 20 various spice extracts were recently analysed for their antioxidant capacity.

It was a clear standout not only because of its antioxidant ranking but also because they scored high marks for phenolics – health protective compounds credited with thwarting cell damaging processes in the body. A good dose of this spice in your diet will provide calcium and fibre to your body and is useful for blood circulation and blood thinning properties.

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