Bengali Recipes

Bengali Recipes are characterized by rich collection of fish and rice recipes. It is well known that Bengali Food is incomplete without any of these two. Bengali Cooking is done mainly in Mustard Oil and five popular spices (panch phoran - preparation of which is mentioned within each recipe) which gives it a distinct flavour.

Macher Jhol, Aloo Posto, Sukhto are some of the famous Bengali cuisine while Sandesh, Rosgollas and Mishti Doi are world famous Bengali sweets. We have brought for you a collection of Bengali dishes which are popular, delicious and easy to make.

Bengal Cuisine has some delicious vegetarian dishes also like Beguni, Cholar Dal, Chanar dalna. Make yourself these easy Bengali dishes. If you want to learn most of the Bengali dishes then click on this book link.

Doi Maach Lau chingri
Chingri Macher Macher Jhol
Macher Chop Murgi Jhol
Kosha Mangsho Mangsho Cutlet
Aloo Dimer Dalna Aloo Posto
Bhindi Jhal Begun Bhaja
Bengali Fish Curry Chanar Dalna
Cholar Dal Mangsho Ghugni
Beguni Sukhto
Posto Bora Khichuri
Bengali Biryani Nimki
Sandesh Rasgulla
Jhal Muri Luchi
Papaya Chutney Tomato Date Chutney
Lavang Latika Bengali Payesh
Bhapa Doi Ghee Bhat
Mishti Doi Sojana Posto
Bhetki Macher Paturi

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