Aloo Recipes

Amongst all Indian Recipes, Aloo Recipes are the easiest one. Aloo Sabzi (or Aloo Sabji) has wide variety in Indian Food Recipes.

If we look at the popular ones then Indian Potato Recipe offers Aloo Gobi Recipe and Potato Curry Recipe as pick of choices.

Aloo (Potato) is the most sought after vegetable since it can be used along with any other item like Vegetables, Lentils, Meat or even in snacks like Salads, Chaats and Snacks.

Our Cook has chosen simple and easy potato recipes which can also be categorized as healthy recipes because of their good nutritional value.

Aloo Fry Saag Aloo
Aloo Dum Mutter Aloo
Aloo Paratha Aloo Methi
Potato Curry Aloo Shimla Mirch
Vadi Aloo Aloo Masala
Aloo Kurma Aloo Paneer
Aloo Bonda Gobi Aloo
Aloo Bhindi Kashmiri Dum Aloo
Baingan Aloo Aloo Kofta
Aloo Tikki Chana Aloo
Aloo Chaat Keema Aloo
Jeera Aloo Aloo Sabzi

There are some traditional Recipes which are part of Indian Food and cherished by many:

-> Stuffed Potatoes

-> Bombay Potatoes

-> Batata Nu Shaak

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